Earth's Fire Water
2023 Research in Kenya
In 2023, I embarked on a research trip to Kenya, exploring ancient sites to unearth hidden knowledge. This study focused on the symbolic and practical roles of soil, rocks, and water, which convey cultural and environmental consciousness, reflecting humanity’s deep connection to the natural world.
Historically, caves and ancient cities have been sacred spaces for preserving wisdom, highlighting our ties to both the earth and etheric realms. Many believe that certain knowledge has been safeguarded, awaiting the right moment to reemerge. Water, in particular, is thought to carry consciousness and essential information for reconnecting with Mother Earth.
By exploring the language of soil, rocks, and water, this research unveiled the communal space between nature and humanity. It revealed how fire transforms into water, and water into earth-beings hidden in rocks. This research delves into the relationship between past and present, humanity and the environment, and the inherent tension between them.
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